Searching for a friend

A few days ago I saw a post on my dashboard containing the facebook account of an old friend of mine that I’m trying to get in contact with again.

The facebook name was Ivan TotheMoon Braginsky
or something along those lines. The middle name for sure had something to do with the Moon.

The admin’s name is Cilly, and I know that name was mentioned in the post.

If you are the person who posted or reblogged that post, please contact me.
I greatly appreciate it!


so i was taking a bath

a bubble bath to be specific

i used half a bar of lush’s comforter (however you fucking spell it) and this happened


crazy right? i think my mom’s tub is made of magic powers or something

so i had a nice bath, watched some cry plays on my ipad

and i drained my tub

i came down to my room, two floors down in the basement

and i am greeted with this